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About us

"We are here to set the record straight on the loss of the relationship between the record buyer, the label, and the bands. Do not allow yourself to feel disconnected from the music, the people who make it, and the people you purchase it from.  In the music world we are all family with common interests, just as we are here at La Escalera. We started as friends who became family and decided to move forward on sharing our music with like minds. Remember one thing, we can all do our part. ~ La Escalera is not a group or a faction. It's not a band or a label. It's a movement. It's up to you."

La Escalera Records is run by these two handsome gentlemen:

Will Castro :
B Street Hill Screen-printing

Ziggy Pelayo :
Another Zeke Productions

Send demos to:

La Escalera Records
PO BOX 3085
San Diego, CA 92163