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“This EP is exactly what you'd expect from an outfit named Moosejaw. Including screamo, nu-metal and even bits and pieces of Alice in Chains, this is a big metal stew thatíll go great with a shot of Jack and speakers that reach 11.—Dryw Keltz” — Dryw Keltz, San Diego City Beat


Moosejaw began as a social experiment mandated by the local court system. In the summer of 2011 four men faced a peculiar circumstance. In lieu of community service and anger management classes, they opted to serve their community with the gift of music. Moosejaw was born. The plan was to give these men a positive avenue for their pent up frustration and anger. Feelings that "craigslist rants and raves" and "yelp" no longer subdued. The plan was to give these four men a chance to give back and reap the benefits of charity. Little did they know that they had created a monster. The plan was flawed.


Hometown : San Diego, CA

Peter C. Neusch/Guitar

Eric McClanahan/Vocals

Ezequiel Pelayo/Drums

Izz Reyes/Bass


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