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OTRO originally started out as a hyper noise rock duo project called KUNTZ in the spring of 2010. Featuring Jason Blackmore (Sirhan Sirhan, Rats Eyes) on guitar/vocals & John Cota (Ghetto Blaster, Rats Eyes) on drums. After playing a handful of shows around their hometown of San Diego as a two piece, the boys decided to jam with their beer drinkin' four string pluckin' compadre Jeremy Walsh (Party Time) and immediately upgraded to a three piece.

The trio quickly agreed to the idea of having a front man. Right around that same time, Rats Eyes had performed with the fuck your face off styling’s of the French rawk band Semen Sundae at The Power Of The Riff Fest in Los Angeles. Finding out that lead singer Michael McCardle was planning on moving back to the states in the very near future, the boys asked if he would be interested in joining the band. After a couple months of swilling Pacifico’s and arguing over a new band name at the practice pad, OTRO played its debut show at The Tower on Friday January 14th 2011 with 400 Blows & Death Crisis.


Hometown : San Diego, CA

Jeremy Walsh - Bass

John Cota - Drums

Jason Blackmore - Guitar

Michael McCardle - Vocals



Otro / The Marsupials - split 7" coming in Dec 2011