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Hometown : San Diego, CA

Adam Kissell- Drums

Dane Kost- Bass/ Vocals

Chris Steppins- Guitar/ Vocals


Prosthetic Arms is a Southern California based Punk band that took its final shape in 2005. They first came onto the scene as Up In Arms but quickly changed the name to Prosthetic Arms due to a suggestion by the bassist Dane on the way home from practice one day. Their music can be summed up to one word stated by the Drummer Adam, “melodic-skate-punk-gruff-core.” Now lets introduce the individual parts that make Prosthetic Arms what it is today.

Chris Steppins is the Guitarist and shares vocal duties with Dane. He has been singing since the bands arrival. In his off time he spends a lot of his time skateboarding, writing lyrics, and making beats on his computer to write guitar riffs to. Chris has an interesting guitar style since he is self taught and is left handed. He first learned on his dads right handed guitar by flipping it upside down. Now he buys lefty guitars and strings them backwards. I know, weird right? Anyways, he feels his main influences are Matt Skiba, Tom Gabel, and Greg Graffin.

Adam Kissel handles the insane drumming in this punkocalypse. He like Chris is mostly self taught with just 2 years of private lessons. He bases a lot of his style off influences from Dave Raun, Duncan Redmonds, Derek Grant, and Derrick Plourde. When Adam isn’t in the studio practicing he is most likely at home in San Diego drumming, stealing music off the internet, or hiding from work…at work.

Dane Kost is the Bassist and the second vocalist. Dane also has been singing since the bands formation. He follows the trend and is self taught like the rest of the band. Dane moved to San Diego from Rancho Cucamonga in 2003 with Chris. They met Adam while working at Sport mart together. His main influences are old school punk, Chicken from Dead To Me, Dan Andriano, and Brendan Kelly. When Dane is home he is painting insanely awesome pictures or just hanging around listening to records with his dog.

Prosthetic Arms claims an arsenal of 20 songs. They have played about 65 shows as of now. They have an abundance of available merchandise including pins, stickers, shirts, records, and digital media. So much more to come. Keep your ears open for these guys. They are coming up in the music world fast. So get off your ass, drink some beer and go see a punk show!

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Prosthetic Arms - Lung Explosions : La Escalera Records 2012