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It takes much more for a band to really leave a mark and create an original sound in the music scene these days. The Getdown understands this and the San Diego-based punk rock power trio have made that direct musical connection in their evolving creative process. From pop-punk sing alongs to some shreddy guitar licks and aggressive vocals... this power trio has been working hard and going strong for the past 2 years vastly making a name for themselves as a credible act within the San Diego music scene. With a live show that is tighter than Carmen Electra in plastic wrap and enough energy (and booze) to fuel an army... The Getdown is an act to be seen. Coming this fall/winter The Getdown will be releasing a 7" split with Random Orbits (Seattle, WA) and a new E.P. both via La Escalera Records.



Hometown : Escondido, CA



Tim Dog//Drums

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The Getdown / Random Orbits - split 7" - coming early 2012