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the marsupials


darrin lee: born in the qinghai province of china in the 1940s, he quickly became a target of the government for writing several anti communist manifestos. seeking political asylum in england, where he became friends with a richard starkey, he was introduced to drums, and eventually found himself in southern california.

dtx: dtx's life began in utter boredom: he was carried an extra six months in his mother's womb. promising to never be a prisoner of such ennui ever again, he quickly rose to the top by opening successful honky tonk bars all over america's midwest. in his spare time, he paints. and broods.

david robles: one of the last mayans. it was his lineage who crafted the calendars of yore for the mayan rulers. these days, he plays guitar, and knows all the answers except one.

jimmy james: born in the late 1500s, jimmy was the right hand man to the le roi soleil, france's king louis the xiv. in one swift unfortunate move involving one of the king's favourite courtesans, he became an enemy of the court, and went into hiding. upon the discovery of a wormhole teleporting him to 1980s nebraska, he was able to make a clean escape, and etch out a new life playing bass and slinging drinks.


Hometown : San Diego, CA

Jimmy Armbrust - Bass

Darrin Lee - Drums

David Robles - Guitar

Douglas Thompson - Vocals



Otro / The Marsupials - split 7" coming in Dec 2011