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Bastards of Young are a bunch of assholes from Sacramento, CA. In the past couple years they've put out a few records and played a bunch of shows. They drive around in a black 1990 Ford Econoline named Vanzig and they drink shitty beer because they're poor.


Hometown : Sacramento, CA

Nick Ripley - vocals/guitar

Patrick Hills - vocals/guitar

Sean Hills - bass/vocals

Wyman Harrel - drums




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Bastards of Young / Success - split 7" vinyl - 2011 -  La Escalera Records (click on album to buy)

California Redemption - 2012 - 12" LP


Bastards of Young / Wolves and Thieves - split 12" - 2008 - swagger city records (click on album to buy)


The Bastards of Young/Wolves and Thieves release is one of the best split releases which I have heard in a long time. This album is pure fun punk rock which will remind you again of what drew you to punk in the first place.

Hailing from Sacramento California, Bastards of Young (a great band name), get the split started. The gruff (think Bronx meets HWM meets Ken Casey), dual, sing-along choruses immediately hook you in. The second song, "Five to Life" has the great chant of "Five to life/Just another criminal" shouted as an ethereal guitar line dances around in the background. The third track, "We Want More" sounds like an odd combination of older Against Me!, The Bouncing Souls, and Anti-Flag, which may sound odd, but really works quite nicely in execution. In fact, it is hard to define the sound of Bastards of Young, but that is one of their biggest strengths. Every song is unique, but all share the common characteristics of being catchy, well constructed songs. This band clearly has the potential to grow into something big.


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