The Bigger Empty Signs To La Escalera Records, Announces Series of EPs

The Bigger Empty band 2017

Chicago-based indie rock band The Bigger Empty will be releasing a collection of four EPs titled Lakes & Oceans via yours truly. They’ll be kicking off the series with Lakes & Oceans Vol 1: Michigan which is set for a February 24th release. A new volume will be released quarterly throughout 2017.

Pre-order Lakes & Oceans Vol 1: Michigan here: Physical | Digital

“The overall theme of this project is about relationships, mostly romantic relationships but not entirely,” explains frontman Mike Felumlee, best known as the drummer in the Smoking Popes (Destination Failure, Born To Quit) and former drummer in Alkaline Trio (played and toured on From Here To Infirmary). “I’ve found that the ups and downs through our various relationships in our lives resemble the movements of great bodies of water. Sometimes they’re peaceful and calm and everything is great and beautiful. Other times they can be turbulent, terrifying and even dangerous.”

Musically, the band’s influences are relatively unsurprising: big feelings, loud guitars, and shameless hooks. Residing somewhere between the cynical sincerity of The Replacements and the dreamy melodicism of Nada Surf, with a sort of earnest cheekiness that falls somewhere between Superchunk and Superdrag. From the sudden loss of a loved one (“Take My Heart With You”) to the harmony-laden ballad about two people being stuck in miserable, abusive relationships that have found love and peace together (“Parachute”) to the lullaby for night owls (“Sleepy Head”) – The Bigger Empty examines both healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Lakes & Oceans Vol 1: Michigan was recorded at Chicago Sound Lab in Summit, IL and The Rockroom in Westmont, IL. It was engineered and produced by Mike Felumlee and bassist Reuben Baird and mixed and mastered by Felumlee.

The Bigger Empty formed by accident in 2014 when Mike Felumlee entered the studio with his longtime backing band to record his new album. At some point, he realized, they’d stopped making a record, and had inadvertently started a new band. They released their debut EP The Bigger Empty Vs. The Cloud via Artistic Integrity Records in 2015.

The Bigger Empty is Mike Felumlee (vocals, guitar), Amanda Moudry (vocals, piano), Tom Counihan (guitar), Reuben Baird (bass), and Kevin Baschen (drums).