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“We’ve waited here so long for a single song that shakes us down to our bones” is the first statement made and, for us as listeners, the whole album fills that description. By creating a record filled with desperation-driven hope meshed with a frank, simplistic criticism of social norms and anxieties, not to mention solid riffs and some infectious back-up vocals, Success manages to put together 12 songs that are some of the strongest in the genre’s catalog. They know when it’s time to lash out at society like on the songs “First World Problems” and “Heading Back to Zero”, they know when to emphasize tender moments of self-doubt with “Not So Proud” and “Hearts of Gold”, and they know when it’s time to fucking party." - For The Love Of Punk - Ross Hostage

"From basements to bars across America, SUCCESS has been belting out their catchy anthems and Gainesville style sing-alongs, captivating audiences with their positive message and feel good sound. Get the dirt on their new recordings, Way Out West Fest, drunk accordion playing, and all things awesome!" - AMP Magazine


Success started as 3 friends playing in separate bands, who shared common views on how a band should be run.  Hard work, positivity and determination.  Rev, Dave, and Austin formed Success around 4 years ago with simple goals, play as many shows as you can with your friends, help as many touring bands as you can, and if all else fails, do it yourself.  They have honed their sound into a progressive form of driving, motivating, and catchy punk rock and roll.  Their lyrics are sincere and honest.  Their songs are powerful and unique.  The only thing more Impressive than their live show, is their humble personalities, and positively motivated attitudes.    Complement them all you want and they will only tell you that they are just people trying to make lives better, the only way they know how


Hometown : Seattle, WA

Rev Peters - vocals/guitar

Austin Jones - bass

David Casey - drums

Dan Gardner - guitar


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success - life on the rocks - lp/digital

success - we are the elitist generation - lp/cd/digital

Bastards of Young / Success - split 7" vinyl - 2011 -  La Escalera Records

Success! - Self Titled - 2009 - Bottlecap Records


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