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the loss


With their debut album, Everything You Ever Wanted, The Loss only help to solidify La Escalera Records‘ already stellar roster. Songs like “The Loss” and “A Place to Call Home” do contain moments of post-hardcore atmospherics but they rarely let the tempo breathe for long. This album is about velocity, heavy riffs and beats hand-tailored for stage dives and circle pits, especially the opening track, “No Fences”, which comes out of the gates galloping at a hell of a pace.

While the vocals definitely fall into the “gruff” category, The Loss has more in common with hardcore basement parties than PBR-soaked beard punk. Singer Jacob Bevan does let some melody creep into his delivery, but he opts for a viscous bark most of the time and lets the guitars carry most of the melody and harmony, which often contains some nice layers in between sections of super fast palm muting.

Frankly, this is an intense record. It contains some fairly dark lyrics like in the song “Domestic Relief”, which tells a horrific tale of violence and suicide. It’s fast, it’s angry, and there’s not a lot of bands right now in the Pacific Northwest that play this style of aggressive music.

The Loss just pulled back into Seattle after a two week West Coast tour but I think we can expect to see more dates from them soon. While you wait for them to head back out, pick up this record. Just be prepared to get odd looks from strangers when you thrash out to it on the bus. Whatever, fuck ‘em. - Ross Hostage, For The Love Of Punk.Com



Golden hearted scum-bags.




Hometown : Seattle, WA


The loss is:

Jacob Bevan

Ian Reas

Benny Early

Mat Chandler

Shane Hassman

contact:   The Loss on Facebook


last rites - Bandcamp/Vinyl 7"- 2014 -  La Escalera Records

Everything You Ever Wanted - iTunes/Bandcamp/CD/Vinyl - 2013 -  La Escalera Records

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