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Evils Toy - MP3 Collection download

Evils Toy - MP3 Collection download

Performer: Evils Toy
Title: MP3 Collection
Country: Russia
Style: EBM, Electro, Synth-pop
Category: Electronic
Size MP3: 1109 mb
Size FLAC: 1300 mb


1Evils ToyFeelings4:41
2 Illusion
3Evils ToyCo Existence4:21
4 Advanced And Follow
5Evils ToyFallen Angel3:08
6Evils ToyMake Up (Remix By Second Decay)3:47
7VNV NationOutremer5:26
8 The Old Race (Single)
9Evils ToyCaution Anti Matter3:42
10Evils ToyThe Test3:56
11Evils ToyGolden Sands3:52
12Evils ToyHypnosis3:02
13Evils ToyIn Silence4:04
14Evils ToyUnder The White Waves3:50
15Evils ToyTransparent Frequencies (Klupp Miks)4:13
16Evils ToyMake Up4:10
17 Angels Only!
18Evils ToyVanished Soul4:16
19Evils ToyDizzy Divination3:59
20Evils ToyDream Or Reality3:39
21VNV NationSaviour (Vox)6:58
22Evils ToyMemories4:50
23Evils ToyDo Dreams Bleed?3:44
24Evils ToyNatures Revenge4:11
25 Silvertears
26Evils ToySacrifice!3:47
27Evils ToyEnemy Mind4:06
28Evils ToyMotionless4:07
29Evils ToyLonely3:51
30 Transparent Frequencies (Single)
31 Organics (Single)
32VNV NationKingdom (Restoration)6:27
33VNV NationFrika5:59
34Evils ToyForever!4:14
35Evils ToyContact3:55
36Evils ToyEntrails4:22
37 Box (Compilation With Unreleased Tracks)
38Evils ToyBonus Track ('92)4:25
39Evils ToyMorbid Fashion4:30
40Evils ToyWalk On The Clouds3:47
41Evils ToyOutsider4:31
42Evils ToyVirtual State3:28
43Evils ToyHome4:38
44Evils ToyAngels Only! - Beyond3:53
45Evils ToyRe/Feeled3:26
46Evils ToySacred (Diva Mix)4:36
47Evils ToyOrganics4:05
48Evils ToySacrifice! (Morphed)5:14
49Evils ToyI Want To Believe4:23
50Evils ToyPsi3:54
51Evils ToyMad Modern Dream3:20
52Evils ToyDear God (Remix)6:09
53VNV NationLastlight5:55
54VNV NationRadius²4:39
55VNV NationFurther5:24
56Evils ToyOrganics4:06
57Evils ToyThe Old Race4:17
58Evils ToyPrevision4:47
59Evils ToyVictim Of The Sun4:17
60VNV NationAmhráin Comhrac3:55
61Evils ToyAbnormal Declension3:40
62Evils ToyCausing Riots3:58
63VNV NationFiume2:54
64Evils ToyBack On Earth3:31
65Evils ToyNo Life (Mix Mix)4:01
66Evils ToyShades Of Vanity3:58
67 Dear God Remix (Single)
68Evils ToyInside Out4:43
69Evils ToyLucifer's Garden (Remix)4:20
70Evils ToyMovie3:28
71Evils ToyTransparent Frequencies5:25
72Evils ToyAngels Only! - Above4:08
73Evils ToySacrifice (Live)3:45
74VNV NationAfter Fire5:39
75Evils ToyNuclear Lab4:34
76VNV NationLegion (Anachron)3:16
77Evils ToyThe Concrete Garden4:10
78Evils ToyMake Up4:06
79VNV NationAnthem2:08
80Evils ToyXTC Implant4:29
81Evils ToyFrom Above Comes Sleep4:12
82Evils ToyA Girl Called Bitch4:06
83Evils ToyPharo's Theme6:09
84Evils ToyDear God (X Marks The Pedwalk Remix)3:35
85Evils ToyThird World War4:47
86 Human Refuse
87Evils ToyLonely3:53
88VNV NationCold4:33
89Evils ToyTime Lapse3:26
90VNV NationStanding (Motion)8:09
91 Morbid Mind
92VNV NationStanding (Original)5:40
93 Standing # Burning Empires
94VNV NationFragments (Splinter)5:28
95Evils ToySilvertears3:37
96Evils ToySacred4:03
97Evils ToyOrganics (Slowmotion Mix)3:53
98Evils ToyKill Another (Demo 89)2:52
99Evils ToyWired / Connected4:04
100Evils ToySomething Like Gold4:57
101VNV NationSerial Killer6:32
102Evils ToyThe Old Race (Stage Mix)4:04
103Evils ToySymphony Of Sympathy3:30
104Evils ToyThird World War / Dear God (Live)11:11
105Evils ToyNo Life4:30
106Evils ToyIllusion4:57
107Evils ToyColours Out Of Space3:35
108Evils ToyLucifer's Garden4:01
109Evils ToyIn The Army Now3:50
110Evils ToyStyle3:39
111VNV NationLegion (Janus)6:38
112Evils ToyAbnormal Declension (Remix By Haujobb)7:44
113Evils ToyThe Old Race4:18
114 XTC Implant
115Evils ToyThird World War4:50
116Evils ToyDear God5:26
117VNV NationStanding (Still)4:10
118VNV NationSerial Code2:45
119Evils ToyRainbow Vs. Stars4:42
120Evils ToyThe Dark Side2:21
121VNV NationRequiem QCN5:04


2 Pages Booklet. Jewel Case With Transparent Tray.


  • Manufactured By – ООО "Реплико-Центр"

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